Completely wild and natural, and harvested in the wilderness areas of British Columbia, Washington and Oregon, all Grand Hale wild mushrooms are hand picked in a conscientious manner ensuring the crop will return season after season.

The harvesting of each variety of mushrooms is dependent upon Mother Nature providing the right growing conditions at the right time of the year. Harvest season is year round depending upon the species.

The Pine Mushroom, known as Matsutake in Japanese, is a fragrant and firm textured mushroom prized by the Japanese. Harvest is from September to December and shipment via air to Japan. As this fresh delicacy is highly perishable and price sensitive logistics are of utmost importance to make sure delays are avoided.

The Chanterelle, destined for Europe, is a spicy and plentiful mushroom, golden orange and fruity in fragrance. Harvested in the temperate rain forests of the Queen Charlotte Islands and the Coast of British Columbia, it is shipped fresh overnight from mid August to Christmas.

Morel, the gourmets’ mushroom, rises from the ashes of forest fires from the Yukon Territories in the north to the state of Oregon in the south. Harvested fresh and usually dried for shipment to Europe, this mushroom is also available as a fresh product from May through to late July.

Grand Hale is a major supplier of matsutake mushrooms to the Japanese market. As well, we supply over 200 tons of Chanterelles, Morels and other mushrooms to the European Market. Our fresh mushrooms from the pristine forests of British Columbia are processed by a well-trained team of professionals and dispatched overnight by air to worldwide markets.